Nutrition & Lifestyle Coaching

How you live at home between treatments is important, and will determine the speed and success of your healing journey. For example, what you eat and drink can either heal or hurt you. Lifestyle Coaching will help you establish a program this is focused on when you exercise, how much you exercise, what type of exercise you do, your sleep schedule, and the type of stretching you do. It usually includes conversations and exploration into boundary-setting with work, relationships, and how you treat yourself and your body.

Nutrition Coaching includes the incorporation of supplements into your routine, and identifying which are healthy and beneficial for you, and which may be causing more harm. Nutrition is unique for each person based on your diagnosis, body type, food sensitivities and emotional well-being. For example, if someone is experiencing fatigue, and the diagnosis is qi deficiency, that person would be advised to avoid raw food.

For Katy, an integral part of her studies in Chinese Medicine was determining the appropriate foods to eat based on a person's diagnosis or issue. Katy's own issues (such as chronic joint pain and poor digestion) have led her to study many types of nutrition plans. She’s yielded great results from using cleanses and long term nutrition plans for healing, even in patients who have had lyme disease that no longer experience symptoms. Another patient who had experienced weight gain due to an autoimmune disorder succeeded in losing 17 pounds and remains at that healthy weight.

As a successful weight loss coach, Katy’s patients typically lose an average of 10-20 pounds in a month. As a former athlete, she also provides nutrition and lifestyle coaching for high-level athletes who would like to improve their athletic performance.

All of Katy's acupuncture patients are given nutrition and lifestyle guidance as a part of their treatment. Coaching can also stand alone and is available remotely or in person. If you are interested in a personalized guidance plan, connect with her here.