Meditation & Energy Healing

Meditation is an effective, simple, and free way to connect with the body and breath.  There are many different forms, and when combined with Acupuncture and other treatments it becomes part of each individual's holistic health plan. In meditation, one practices breathing, or training the mind to focus, allowing for relaxation and grounding. Meditation is known to reduce stress, increase calmness and clarity, and promote happiness and all around well being.

Katy believes that what you think about yourself and your life creates health or dis-ease. This also relates to the energies that you allow into your life, for example one who becomes anxious or drained by others may need to give more energy and care to themselves. During a treatment Katy may do a chakra clearing, intention setting, or energetic clearing and healing. Katy also teaches how to protect or clear your own energy, removing other people’s energy.

Katy leads most patients through a brief meditation and breathing exercise at the beginning of each acupuncture treatment. She will also provides you with resources, suggestions, and homework to work on your own holistic health plan. Katy believes that meditation is important to healing and to living a profound and happy life. Katy teaches and encourages her patients to observe their thoughts, so they can redirect negativity that arises, and ultimately prevent dis-ease and obtain better health.