Hara Diagnosis

Hara diagnosis is a Japanese style of Acupuncture. In Hara treatments, multiple reflex zones are palpated to give a detailed picture of how your body functions. This information guides your Acupuncture treatment. The zones along your abdomen, chest, head, neck and spine are then re-assessed to determine how your body is responding during the treatment. This successful style of Acupuncture is incredibly powerful, especially for those who can't seem to get completely healthy.

Katy first fell in love with Hara diagnosis and treatment when she experienced it as a student. One of Katy's professors approached her for a demonstration of a scar treatment in front of the class. The treatment focused on Katy's painful shoulder surgery scar, which was a large and sensitive area. As the teacher released the scar, Katy started to cry. Old emotions and resistant body functions began to reset. Katy experienced relaxation for the first time in five or more years. The immediate result was liberating and created a lasting impression. Those who witnessed the release remarked on Katy's shift toward a lighter energy and appearance. Such hopeful results are not uncommon and compound with continual treatments.