Let's Talk About Libido


Yes, I said it... Acupuncture can truly help with your libido, gentlemen. It can be challenging for some men to discuss, but I highly encourage you to talk about it!

There are many possible causes for decrease in libido. One might be hormonal shifts and changes, which are normal for everyone to experience from time to time. If they become too often though or last a long time getting treatments can help.

Another cause could be kidney deficiency due to aging, lifestyle and illness.  This is another important reason to stay hydrated, get enough sleep, eat your vegetables and exercise. All of these promote a strong and healthy body and prevent against illness.

And probably the most common cause is stress!  Do you find that your libido is lower when you're stressed about work and other life things? Finding time to relax and meditate can definitely help. Acupuncture treats stress quickly and often with only a few treatments. We need to boost your yang energy to get you back feeling like yourself.

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