Dancer's Knee Treatment


As many of you know I love to dance, and look forward to dance festivals as they approach. Only issue with the anticipation and extra practicing is the knee pain I experience after. I make sure to treat my knee immediately, so that my pain does not get worse, or hang out for a long time.

I originally dislocated my knee when I was a tennis player, which lead to a couple surgeries. The surgeries have lead to normal wear and tear pain or patella tendon pain and inflammation.  As a result my quad and IT band are prone to severe tightness because my glute is lazy on that side.

The pain can also follow me to simple activities like going up and down stairs or squatting. I find these activities especially challenging after a night of collegiate shag, which is why it's so important to for me to treat my knees with acupuncture after I dance.

Don't let pain keep you off the dance floor! Send me a message at to find out where I'll be at Camp Hollywood.