Acupuncture for Stress

One of my favorite issues to treat with acupuncture is stress because just like magic, it seems to melt away. Last week one of my long time patients began having stress related symptoms including redness and heat in his face and a one sided headache around his eye.  Soon after this his eye began twitching as well, which drove him crazy. His very busy life schedule and owning a business had pushed him to a place of extreme stress with a short fuse.  


To relieve my patient's symptoms with acupuncture I had to first smooth his liver qi which reduced his stress and pain. Next I treated his liver stagnation, which is caused by stress, and the cause of heat in his face.  Last I cleared the liver fire and calmed his nervous system. With just one treatment his heat and pain had reduced, and with a couple more he will feel reduced stress.

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