Acupuncture Treatments for the Dancer's Body: Upper Back Pain

Cupping 1

Many dancers suffer from specific aches, pains and injuries associated with living a very active lifestyle. At the LA Shag Festival, I had the privilege of providing acupuncture and cupping treatments to many amazing and talented dancers. These treatments helped to alleviate pain, tightness and injuries immediately, so they could continue dancing the night away.

Jeremy was suffering from severe upper back pain from dancing for many hours and then competing. A combination of many hours moving and swaying on his feet, combined with the stress and anxiety of competition had left him with pain that made it hard for him to continue. After this cupping treatment, his tight upper back muscles released and he was able to return to the floor and continue with the competition.

cupping 2

After a cupping treatment it's very common to have dark circles where the cups were. These dark circles are nothing to be alarmed about! They will fade quickly, and then disappear completely within a couple days. They appear because your body is releasing toxins and tightness, so as they appear and then fade, you can think of toxins and tightness leaving your body as well!

Special thank you to LA Shag Festival for hosting me, and to all my dancing friends who got a treatment! Follow me on Facebook and Instagram to stay connected for the next dance festival!