Moxa to Heal Your Pain


I love being an acupuncturist for many reasons, one of which is all the different methods of treatment I'm able to offer. One of my favorites is a heat therapy technique called Moxibustion. This healing method has had powerful effects for me and my patients, ranging from unfreezing a stiff shoulder, stimulating slow digestion and constipation, and easing the pain of chronic tennis elbow.

An essential part of Chinese medicine, Moxibustion, more commonly known as Moxa, is made of a soft woolly substance created from mugwort leaves. The leaves are lit and then held above the skin or placed directly on it above acupuncture points, meridians or the spot that is causing you pain. As the mugwort leaves smoulder slowly, a very pleasant and therapeutic heat permeates the skin. This increases blood flow to the affected area, increasing qi or energy flow, helping the body heal.

Moxa can successfully treat some very frustrating conditions including:

• Chronic Tendinitis
• Tennis elbow
• Patellar tendinitis (knee)
• Arthritis
• Frozen shoulder
• Chronic pain in joints and muscles from overuse
• Constipation and slow digestion

Special Bonus!
After a Moxa treatment, I always send my patients home with their own stick, so that you can continue with daily treatment for your pain, in a safe and effective way!

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