Acupuncture for Throat Pain


Even after so many years of practicing acupuncture, I feel so full of joy when I’m able to lessen or cure someone of pain. Acupuncture treats the root cause which in most cases gets rid of the pain rather than putting a bandage over it.

Not long ago I began working with a new patient who was experiencing constant throat pain and tired sensation in her neck. Her job depends on her using her voice, so she was experiencing high levels of stress, in addition to chronic acid reflux and other symptoms. A person experiencing these types of symptoms can feel very frustrated because they have constant discomfort and pain. She had been to multiple doctors, who put her on prescription anti-inflammatory medications, which did not take away her discomfort.

In our first session she was actually holding her throat because talking caused so much fatigue. First we came up with a treatment plan which included some blood tests, weekly acupuncture treatments and stress management techniques. It turns out she has Lyme Disease, which was causing some of the symptoms. Now, a month later she no longer feels pain or fatigue in her throat and she no longer needs to take medication. The acid reflux is much better as well, and her stress level has decreased. She is working actively to manage her day to day stress and continues to improve! In just one short month she is feeling better from acupuncture treatments and some lifestyle changes.

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