The Dance Camp Flu

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Dance camp, to dancers like myself, is the festival or celebration of all festivals, parties and events. We wait, we prep, we practice and pray for optimal health during this very exciting time. Dance camp flu does seem to rear its ugly head all too often though. I've put together some tips and ways to help you avoid getting sick, so you can have more fun and dance all night.

My wellness routine consists of (from the left) vitamin D, On Guard and Oregano oil from doTerra, oil diffuser, netty pot and ancient secrets cleansing solution.

There are many reasons we get sick at dance camp. Traveling is stressful on the body, especially if you travel by plane and especially if you have a time change, which interferes with our immune system's normal ability to keep us healthy. The other main reason we get sick is lack of sleep, because we must dance all night. This weakens our immune system, making it easier for us to contract germs as we move across the dance floor sweating and touching lots of different people many times over.

Other causes for spreading germs are sharing hotel rooms, and bed, causing germs to spread quickly, and eating differently and irregularly. The immune system needs nutrients to function!

So what can you do to stay healthy?!?



Here's a list of tips to stay healthy, and not get sick, so you can enjoy your time at dance camp!

1. Always wear a scarf or cover your neck while traveling by plane, train or bus, and when walking outside if it's windy. In Chinese medicine the neck is considered a vulnerable place on the body, where disease enters. So covering your neck will help to protect you from catching other people's cold and flu.

2. Use essential oils!  When traveling, and at home, I use On Guard by doTerra which is an anti-bacterial and anti-viral blend (comparable to Thieves by Young Living). I put it on the back of my throat, apply and massage a few drops into my neck and spine, and use a drop to clean my hands frequently throughout the night when I am dancing. If I'm feeling sick or my roommate gets sick I apply 4 to 5 drops on my throat or in a veggie capsules, every 2 hours, and I clean my hands regularly. If you're super fancy, bring a diffuser with you to diffuse On Guard into the air in your room. This helps clean the air, stopping germs from spreading.

3.  Use Oregano Oil if you are sick, or worried about getting sick. You can purchase oregano oil capsules at Whole Foods or a bottle from doTerra or Young Living. Take 4 capsules every 2 hours until you start to feel better. Oregano oil is an amazing antibiotic and really works wonders! Just make sure you take it like clock work.

4.  Get good sleep. We know we won't sleep, there's too much fun to be had, but you can get good sleep. Try to black out your room or wear an eye mask, and wear ear plugs, and meditate before you sleep. Also try a meditation when you wake up as well, which gives your body the most benefit from the sleep you get.  

5.  Nettie pot! Using it regularly while traveling and while at dance camp can stop you from getting sick or any illness becoming severe.

6.  Food!  I know it's difficult, but trying to eat regularly. This keeps your body and immune system healthy, strong and more able to fight off infection. Special bonus points if you can avoid sugar!

7. Vitamin D supplements. Vitamin D is essential in our immune system function, and many of us are deficient.  A few weeks before you travel start taking Vitamin D regularly, you can take 5000 to 10,000 IUs daily, and maintain this dose while you are at the event. 

Please connect with me if you'd like help making a plan for better health, or for an acupuncture treatment to help you heal faster at