Do you know about the Auto-Immune Paleo Protocol?


Last year I had flood of female patients with auto-immune and chronic diseases including Hashimoto's, Lyme, rheumatoid arthritis, celiac and vitiligo, and mainly suffering from pain and exhaustion. Many felt overweight and like they couldn't loose weight, or even have the energy to exercise. Most of them also had joint pain, muscular pain and tightness, and digestive issues, such as bloating, gas and constipation.

The number of people with an auto-immune disease is on the rise every year. There are 3 causes of auto-immune disease:

- Genetic susceptibility

- Infection or environmental triggers

I highlighted this one because this is the one that people have most control over. With changes to your diet and lifestyle you can heal from auto-immune disease.

Auto-immune disease is a condition in which the immune system attacks tissues in the human body. They are very hard to diagnose, and many patients have experienced symptoms for years without finding an exact cause.  Once there is a diagnosis, it's difficult to treat these diseases, so it's important to find ways to manage symptoms and pain. It can feel very frustrating!

Due to all this I wanted to further increase my ability to help my patients.  They all improve with Acupuncture, especially with regular visits and following my treatment plan. Most patients said they slept better, had more energy, their digestion improved, and they experienced less pain after a series of treatments. I also put most of my patients on the Whole30 diet and everyone had amazing results.

It was actually a patient with an auto-immune disease who had done Whole30, who sparked my interest in the Auto-Immune Paleo Protocol (AIP Protocol). Following this conversation, I became a certified AIP Protocol Coach and I now have 4 patients on this diet, with very few symptoms or even symptom free!

The AIP Protocol focuses on managing the immune system by creating a diet and lifestyle that manages hormone levels and increases the nutrients you receive from your food. This strengthens and regulates the immune system, which in turn heals your gut. This is extremely important as leaky gut and gut dysbiosis have been found in every auto-immune disease that has been studied, which suggests that they may have to be present for an auto-immune disease to develop.

Learning about your auto-immune disease and how you can heal it can be very empowering. I've watched as my patients are losing weight, have healthier looking skin and hair, and have more energy. Next week we will discuss what diet and lifestyle changes are required. Please contact me if you are interested in nutrition coaching focused on your auto-immune disease at