How to use Essential Oils

In this video I will share with you the 3 main ways to use Essential Oils. Please feel free to ask questions in the comments section. Enjoy!


3 Ways to use Essential Oils

1. Using a diffuser. Diffusing oil in the air helps with:

  • Health - cleaning the air of germs
  • Mood - helps change the mood of the room

2. By dropping some on your hands, holding them close to your face and breathing in deeply. This can help energize or relax.

Apply on the skin and rub it in to create heat for:

  • Skin issues
  • Pain or swelling
  • Scent - to smell good!

Make sure that the oil you ingest is high quality

1. Drop oil on the tongue or back of throat.

2. Put oil into a veggie capsule and then ingest.