Just Do It

From our good friend Seth over at Axcess Travel.

You know when you plan on something going one way and it completely slaps you in the face?  That’s where this blog has taken me.

I set out to provide readers with rebuttals to the excuses people make to not work out when traveling (but really in general) and fell into the trap of not writing the blog itself.  Morrisette’esque irony, don’t’cha think? 

But wait!!  It gets BETTER.

Nike Logo

So here I am, intent on really putting my nose to the grindstone in the New Year like so many people trying to develop and adhere to their “new” fitness routine and I focus in on my mantra, Just Do It.  This got me thinking, SURELY there’s a great piece to be written and inspiration to come from the ORIGINS of Nike’s internationally marketed and successful slogan!

You’d think right?

“Just Do It” was inspired by the last words of convicted murderer Gary Gilmore condemned to death as he faced his firing squad:  “Let’s Do This.”          

*mic drop*

So much for dreams of the human spirit crushing adversity against all odds and coming through on top because nothing is more powerful than goal setting motivation, right?  RIGHT?!

There are a million excuses not to work out on the road – psychology dictates these same excuses for just about anything that requires effort or involves a gamble at imperfection.  The fear of doing something WRONG or realizing we could have done something better after the fact literally paralyzes people beyond reason. 

Maybe our departed Mr. Gilmore had it right though – no matter WHAT heinous future (or lack thereof) lies in wait, maybe it’s just best to get it done and over with.  We’ve all been there.  Limited Luggage Space.  Tiny hotels.  Overwhelming Gyms.  No legitimate background on the “right” thing to do.  Fear of not doing “enough.”

Some of my FAVORITE excuses to include but certainly aren’t LIMITED to:

• There’s no room in my luggage for workout clothes.

• I don’t have enough time.

• I can’t wake up early

• Nothing I do will make a difference.

• The gym in my hotel … sucks.

• There’s no gym in my hotel.

FACT:  Doing SOMETHING is always going to be better than doing NOTHING when it comes to exercise.

OK, the exception is of course if you end up pulling a muscle or drop a weight on your finger but that’s just Darwinian.  I mean, if you’re at the stage of JUST getting moving as opposed to not … I can’t imagine you’ll be putting yourself in those situations. 

So before we overcomplicate, let’s touch on the “myth” that 20 minutes of cardio in the morning will jumpstart your metabolism.  Scientifically speaking, this is probably quite true.  If you run for 20 minutes in the morning you’re burning the same amount of calories running in the afternoon.  But anyone who has done both will tell you that waking up and having coffee or waking up and going for a run are VERY different ways of starting your day.  We aren’t talking about how many calories are burned though … we don’t care at this point.

JUST DO SOMETHING!  It’s a snowball effect … do something basic and easy … feel better … be ready to do more!

Just starting out?  No equipment needed!
Just yourself and a small clear area around you!

Have TINY weights?  None at all?
Try these COMBOS with full waterbottles?  Try BIGGER bottles?

Dumbbell Row to Shoulder Press

Dumbbell Squat to Lateral Raise

Rear Delt Row to Deadlift

Pushups and Mountain Climbers

Anywhere from 10-20 Reps
1st Round will be easiest ;-)

Rest 30 seconds to a minute and complete circuit 3-5 times

10 x Jumping Jacks
10 x Squats
10 x Lunges (per side)
10 x Mountain Climbers (per knee)
10 x Plank Jacks
10 x Sit Ups
10 x Bicycles (each side)
30 Second Plank

Rest a minute after doing all exercises

See how many times you can do the sequence in 20 minutes!

Yes, you’ve probably seen these basic exercises a MILLION times.  There’s a reason they’re called the basics.  They work.  Exersass is going to help you break through all those excuses you use with information that you might have already known, and maybe some you didn’t.


What you need to remember is that awareness is MORE than half the battle.  Now that you know a quick fix to some of the excuses you (and everyone else) make, JUST DOING IT doesn’t seem so hard now, does it?

Seth Apper pays rent in West Hollywood, CA but considers himself a citizen of the world.  He established aXcess Travel almost 6 years ago and can be reached through his website, the comments below, or his Instagram

Seth Apper

Combining his love of travel with his passion for hospitality, Seth has been helping others enjoy travel for almost a decade. A second generation native of Los Angeles, he graduated from UCLA with a degree in Psychology and backgrounds in Sociology and LGBT Studies. His goal is to provide exclusively personalized travel experiences for each his clients be it for their corporate ventures in Chicago or their Honeymoon in the Maldives.