Pain-free dancing every night

Acupuncture with E-stim.

Acupuncture with E-stim.

After 5 surgeries (2 shoulder, one knee, and 2 ankle) I am grateful to be active and dancing.  I was just asked how I’m able to dance almost every night and not be in pain.  Besides eating an anti-inflammatory diet I regularly do Acupuncture with E-stim to myself.

Acupuncture helps my body recover from activity, by increasing circulation, reducing inflammation and blocking pain receptors. E-stim is Acupuncture with a boost, the needles are stimulated with an electrical current enhancing the effects of Acupuncture.   It is mostly commonly used for chronic joint pain and paralysis.

As you see in the picture, I’ve hooked my knee and my ankle up to the current.  My knee is regularly painful after 4 or 5 nights of dancing.  I experience swelling, pain walking up and down stairs, and getting up from sitting. After 1 or 2 treatments my knee is back to normal allowing me to be out dancing all night!

If you’re experiencing joint pain that is limiting your activity or affecting your quality of life, I suggest trying Acupuncture.