Have you heard of Whole30?

Here’s why it’s awesome and why so many people are giving it a shot.

Food and Diet is something that causes many people to get defensive or upset when we talk about what is actually healthy to eat. There are so many differing opinions and fad diets. According to Chinese Medicine what YOU need to be eating is specific to YOU! That means there is no one plan for everyone.

Many of us are taught what is healthy to eat by our parents, but it could be wrong for you.  Salads are said to be healthy but if you have a Spleen QI Deficiency, Salads and raw vegetables are not for you, they are hurting you.

Though food is a challenging subject it is the way we can be empowered about our health.  Food is medicine, let's eat to heal ourselves not hurt ourselves.

Whole30 is basic elimination diet, that can help us identify exactly what works best for our bodies.  It creates a scenario where our bodies are clean enough for us to notice when foods don’t make us feel good. An example is I feel awful when I eat breads/gluten, I might not show up as being sensitive in a test.  But my body tells me very clearly that for me to feel good I need to stay away from bread. Many people will find they are sensitive to dairy once they’ve taken a break from eating cheese and milk.

So what exactly is it?  It’s 30 days of eating non-processed, organic, no hormone added meats, eggs, seafood, healthy fats (nuts, avocado, olives, ghee), lots and lots of veggies and small amounts of fruit.


Yes no rice, no quinoa, no honey, no stevia, no cheese, no beans, no milk or butter (ghee/clarified butter is an exception-and a wonderful one, it has no lactose due to the clarification process!)

I know that at first this can sound overwhelming and not possible, yes it takes planning and being aware of what is in everything you eat. But once you get started the results are amazing. I have done the program 5 times now, each time I get to day 30 and keep going because I feel so good.

Caution Side-effects include weight loss without counting calories or restricting amounts of food, increased energy, mental clarity, a desire to exercise, decrease in inflammation and pain (even chronic pain), balanced hormones, flat tummy-no bloating, regular digestion, and an overall sense of happiness.

I have most of patients to do Whole30, I prescribe it for those suffering from chronic pain or illness, tendonitis, preparing or recovering from surgery, hormone imbalances, digestive disorders (IBS), and auto-immune disorders.

This is also a great plan for those of you who LOVE BREAD and SUGAR. So many people complain of being addicted to sugar, that they need those cookies to feel better or that they uncontrollable cravings. This plan will eliminate cravings!  I know because I’ve seen it and it’s happened to me.

The way you eat is so important to your health, if you are suffering with minor to major health issues gift yourself with 30 days of clean eating and see what happens.

Also just to warn you there might be days where you feel awful in the beginning, just keep going. Week 3 will be a great week!

I’m sure you have many questions about what you can and can’t eat, here’s some resources:

The whole30 website - http://whole30.com/new/
Easy shopping list/guide - http://whole30.com/downloads/whole30 - shopping-list.pdf

And please contact me with any questions or if you are in need of motivation!

Katy Frame L.Ac.