Lesson #7: Hurry Up, Let’s Go……and die.

From our good friend Michael Hamilton at Uplift Health and Wellness.

I know, it sounds a bit morbid, but sometimes we need a little wake up call.

About a year ago, my family was on our Sunday morning walk. At that time, it was one of the few hours in a week I would get with them and it was on the tail end of a busy week. My younger son, Joshua, dreams of being an archeologist and is quite the little explorer. As a result he is always “lagging behind”. I heard myself saying over and over “come on bud, we gotta go!” “Joshua, dude, come on we are all waiting for you”. He would hustle to catch up and then up end with his head buried in the next bush, looking for a treasure. I went back to get him this time “Josh…” he excitedly reached out and showed me a rusty old bolt he had found.

“Look Daddy, I discovered a treasure!”

I paused. He had a huge smile on his face and I teared up. Where was I rushing? To Starbucks? To get a coffee I probably didn't really need? To hurry home and race to Target to run errands, hurry out of there to get to Ralph’s, to get groceries and hurry up and make dinner before the kids had to go to bed for school tomorrow. All these “to-do’s” and were any more valuable or essential than that moment I shared with my son? And were any of these “essential errands” worth all the moments I had deprived him of, hustling along on the walk?

For me, the answer was a resounding, “NO!” Yes, we all have long lists of things we have to do everyday; some we enjoy. Honestly, most we don’t. But I have found that you get in the habit of always hurrying up to the next thing. We imagine there is no time for finding rusty treasures. But, I propose to you that there IS; time. No, there isn’t more magical time in the day that I am suddenly going to gift to you. You will not finish your list. You will not be “done”. But be honest… isn’t there always something else to move on to? Let. go. Be where you are, doing what you are doing and okay with how it’s going.

How does this relate to your fitness? Well, in my experience, we are often doubly guilty of this “no time thinking” when we do get in the fitness. Many of us “just want to get it done,” because we are supposed to. Whatever our reasoning, we are supposed to get through this! But, it shouldn’t be like that. If you “hate working out,” keep searching for new ways to workout, new ways to view it, new discoveries about your body and how you feel. Why?  It really is a terrible waste to spend our lives just “hurrying up and getting it over with”.

Today we get #FitnessPasscode5: Inchworm in The laundry room.


Whenever you drop in a load of laundry, bust out this flow that is a total gift to your body. Enjoy the heat of the room, move slowly and take some time to discover all the “bolt treasures” your body has to give.

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Michael Hamilton

Michael started dancing at 10 years old and joined Maine State Ballet at 14. That year during a closed dress rehearsal he strained his hamstring going into a full season of Nutcracker. Thankfully, the company had an onsite Kinesthesiologist, Dr Kimball. With her help and guidance, he was able to relax the injury and continue without missing a show. This was his introduction to body work and the respect and curiosity never stopped.

After years of enjoying the benefits, Michael decided to learn more and join the healing. He attended California Healing Arts College,  completing their masters program then immediately started practicing in Southern California.  Michael incorporates his dance and sports background (soccer, football and tennis) into his treatments. Using a natural and learned muscular and skeletal awareness, he utilizes a combination of more then a dozen modalities of massage, ballet and Thai stretching to assure that the patient is getting whatever their body needs.

As the owner of UPLIFT Health and Wellness, Michael hopes his philosophy of not only treating patients when they come in, but sending them home with new things to think about and put into practice can permeate the entire wellness center.