Don't Hate, Meditate

Meditation is powerful and proven to be effective for so many things: stress, pain, depression, anxiety, enhanced athletic performance and self-esteem.  Not only does meditation work, its FREE! So why doesn’t everyone meditate?

“I’m not good at it” “I don’t know how” “I can’t not think”  This is what my patients are telling me when asked if they meditate or when I tell them it’s time to start meditating.

This blog is to give you some simple steps to start actually meditating and get rid of the blockages stopping you from beginning a practice.

small monk meditating

First mediating is NOT about NOT THINKING, it’s about focused thought.
YOU DON’T HAVE TO NOT THINK TO BE MEDITATING. Instead the goal is to focus your thoughts! You can direct your thoughts to count your breath, on the physical sensations you’re experiencing and sounds you are hearing, or repeating a mantra.

Many of my patients do well with guided meditations to get started, especially those who have no experience. My favorite beginner guided meditations are by Jack Kornfield, on his Meditation for Beginners CD!! I highly recommend starting there, he will take you through many different types of meditation. There’s also many apps now on our phones that have free guided meditations.

Secondly Meditation is not a competition!
It’s NOT about being GOOD at meditating.  It’s a practice, a health practice, a daily ritual to enhance the quality of YOUR life.  Some days will be easier and some days your “monkey mind” will be more challenging to wrangle. As long as you stick with it, you have succeeded.

Thirdly if you don’t know how to meditate...
HERE’S A WAY TO GET STARTED. It's called the Belly breath meditation. I have all my patients practice the belly breath meditation during treatment! Start with 5 minutes and gradually increase your time-goal is 15 to 20 mins a day.  Set a timer!!

To start find a quiet comfortable place to sit. Gently close your eyes.

Begin breathing in through your nose and out through your mouth.

On the inhale, your belly expands and pushes outward. (filling with air) On the exhale, your belly contracts and moves back toward your spine.

Once you have the breathing started, begin to count. Count to 6 on the inhale and to 6 on the exhale.  (as you get the hang of this you can increase the count to 8 to 10, even 12)

This creates an even breath.

When your mind wanders bring your thoughts back to your breath, feel the air come in and out of your nostrils and mouth. Feel your belly expand and relax. Bringing the mind back to physical sensations will calm your thinking.

Now you can get started, try a 30 day challenge (get your family and friends involved)

10 mins everyday for 30 days. I promise your life will be even more beautiful and amazing with meditation.