Acupuncture for Weight-Loss

Yes! Acupuncture can help with weight-loss and weight management!

There are many reasons people gain weight and are unable to lose it. Your Acupuncturist will identify the cause of your weight gain, and create treatments and a diet plan that work for you. 

EAR SEEDS are a great tool Acupuncturist use to aide in weight-loss. 
Check this video out where I explain what ear seeds are how they help weight-loss. 

Lesson #8: It all starts with the core!

Lesson #8: It all starts with the core!

Because core is so important, and in honor of my twins #fitnesspascode8 is “Core Bedtime Bookends” ( every time you wake up and before you get into bed, you will do 30 seconds of “superman swimming” and 30 seconds of a plank hold 4x. Wake the core up and start your day off right and get a little reset before bed!

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Just Do It

Just Do It

You know when you plan on something going one way and it completely slaps you in the face?  That’s where this blog has taken me.

I set out to provide readers with rebuttals to the excuses people make to not work out when traveling (but really in general) and fell into the trap of not writing the blog itself.  Morrisette’esque irony, don’t’cha think? 

But wait!!  It gets BETTER.

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Lesson #8: Always mix it up!

From our good friend Michael Hamilton at Uplift Health and Wellness.


Joshua: “Daddy, you know you are just walking kind of funny”

I laugh.

Me”: “You are right buddy, I am. I was exercising and now my legs are super tired.”

Joshua: “But daddy you always exercise and you don’t usually walk like…waddling you know”

Me: “Well, yesterday I did ballet buddy and my body is not use to that”


I get pretty good leg workouts in; Crossfit, olympic lifting, bootcamp, etc. and thankfully my legs are fairly well conditioned. But, with my current schedule, I haven't been in a ballet class since last Nutcracker season. Every year, I do the Nutcracker and during this one week I pretend I am a dancer again and take class. This year was no different and day three my goodness! My legs were hurting, in all new places and ways. Not only that, but I have been having this nagging pain in my low back and hip on one side and during ballet class, stretching to the back, I could literally feel the moment it released. Routines are great, patterns are awesome, they are comforting. But, In your own workouts and in FitnessThatFits make sure you mix it up! Each FitnessPasscode should be done for 30 days. At any given time 4-5 FitnessPasscode going on is a good standard, once you hit the end of the 30 days, rotate that FitnessPasscode out and start a new one!

In honor of keeping your body guessing and Nutcracker season, FitnessPasscode6 is “Plies for Patience”.


Anytime you are in the kitchen waiting on the microwave, the coffee maker, the tea kettle, do 20x Plie Releve, commit for 30 days!

Michael Hamilton

Michael started dancing at 10 years old and joined Maine State Ballet at 14. That year during a closed dress rehearsal he strained his hamstring going into a full season of Nutcracker. Thankfully, the company had an onsite Kinesthesiologist, Dr Kimball. With her help and guidance, he was able to relax the injury and continue without missing a show. This was his introduction to body work and the respect and curiosity never stopped.

After years of enjoying the benefits, Michael decided to learn more and join the healing. He attended California Healing Arts College,  completing their masters program then immediately started practicing in Southern California.  Michael incorporates his dance and sports background (soccer, football and tennis) into his treatments. Using a natural and learned muscular and skeletal awareness, he utilizes a combination of more then a dozen modalities of massage, ballet and Thai stretching to assure that the patient is getting whatever their body needs.

As the owner of UPLIFT Health and Wellness, Michael hopes his philosophy of not only treating patients when they come in, but sending them home with new things to think about and put into practice can permeate the entire wellness center.